Reasons for fire damage clean up services

Why Cleaning Services After A Fire Are Important

Fires that occur in homes, apartments, single/multi-family housing units, office buildings, retail spaces, and other structures made for residential or commercial purposes can cause serious damage to the structures themselves, as well as serious damage to their contents. The flames, heat, and smoke from a fire, the water or special compound used to extinguish the fire, as well as holes that firefighters may have to cut to access the fire or search for individuals in the fire can ruin walls, windows, doors, floors, roofs, and more. Restoration and cleanup after a fire not only takes time and patience, but significant caution and care.

It is important that cleanup from a fire be done soon after it is completely extinguished, as ash from a fire is very acidic and can cause additional damage to the building and its contents should it be allowed to settle and sit for too long. Items destroyed by the fire must also be removed quickly to reduce damage from smoke and/or warping from water. In addition, soot and smoke left too long can cause harsh odors that can become extremely difficult to remove permanently. Water and other compounds used to extinguish fires can promote the growth of mildew and mold in rugs, carpets, other textiles, and even wood, making it essential that it be removed promptly and efficiently.

While cleanup is important to the restoration process after a fire, it is also important for the safety of future inhabitants. Toxins from the fire can remain in air ducts and ventilation systems, which can cause future fires as well as health issues to individuals. Fire damage to floors can make them unsafe to walk on, and damage to walls can make them unstable, increasing the risk for falls and injury.

Professional cleaning and restoration services can not only make cleanup after a fire easier, but also safer for home owners, business owners, and future inhabitants of fire damaged buildings. Professional technicians of these services are certified and knowledgeable of best practices for handling fire damages and risks, and can help ensure the best possible outcome for residential and commercial structures. In order to clean and remove the ash and soot left behind from a fire, as well as to help eliminate/reduce odors and prevent future fires, all surfaces, vents, and ducts must be treated with special cleaning solutions. Professional cleaning and restoration services will also have access to the best supplies and materials to remove ash and soot, as well as solutions to treat ducts, pipes, and ventilation to neutralize odors as well as reduce future fires and health hazards.

Professional cleaning and restoration services are vital to ensuring thorough, safe, efficient, and fast cleanup from fires.

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